Why People Already Love Letter Board Planner

Letter Board Planner saves companies time and money as well as reduces frustration when planning out your letter board. Quickly and easily determine what signs you can make with the letters you have. This time saving software is a must if you own a letter board.

Saves time

Removes frustration

Easy to use

What is Letter Board Planner?


Easily plan your letter board signs!

Take the guess work out of getting your letter board sign populated with the correct letters, numbers, and symbols your desire.

Our software will quickly let you see if you have enough of each character to make your sign or if you need to come up with something else.

Once completed, print out the sign and letter breakdown for easy setup.

(Numbers and Symbols available with SILVER subscription to site.
Letters are always free.)

Save your letters and signs!

Tired of inputting the same letters, numbers, and symbols?

Let us save your letters and signs for the next time you need to use the Letter Board Planner by upgrading to the GOLD subscription today!